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Rank Exec 1.3

Search Engine Reporting Tool

New! Unlimited Search Engine Ranking Projects
Two Years Software Script Updates 
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A Library of 100+ Search Engine Scripts
New! Rank Exec MT(Multi-threaded)--Run up to 100 Connections Simultaneously
One Year Software Product Upgrades
Unlimited Position History
As a Web Site Professional concerned about web rating, you know the Magic Wand is diligence. Great search engine position is your company's bread and butter and knowing your search engine rank is critical to the success of your website's rating. Just as important as your search engine ranking, is your competitors' popularity; our software will rank them as well.
With flexible popularity queries, a rich library of automation search engine scripts, easy to understand graphical and tabular tools, Rank Exec will help you wade through the dozen of keywords, search engines and URLs to present clear, concise statistics of your placement on the web.
We don't play games: Rank Exec does not charge monthly fees for script updates, or charge-up for additional rank projects or URL functionality. We do not package in this software with a bigger software product as though it were an after-thought. We do present you with the best ranking automation product on the market at a price below most of our competitors.
Rank Exec addresses the important questions as you wade through the convoluted arena of search engine positioning:
  • How you rank on specific search engines with specific keywords?
  • How you rank with the same criteria versus your competitors?
  • What are the daily popularity gains and losses?
  • How does your position score, overall on the web, versus your competitors popularity?
  • Has your popularity progressed over a period of time, or is your site's position failing?
Rank Exec is commited to position its software product tool as one that responds to the rating needs of its customers. This is not lip service. Providing quality ranking automation statistics is what we do, and we want the popularity of our software automation product to have as high a rating with you as your web sites' rank within the arena of search engines.
We appreciate your interest in us and invite you to spend a little time in our How It Works and Screen Shots pages.

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